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About Access Driving Tuition

Access Driving Tuition was established over 25 years ago. We wanted to give people the chance to have driving lessons in Leicestershire from local driving instructors, and have driving lessons at competitive rates. The aim was to build a driving school which would bridge the gap between the solitary one man band offering driving lessons once a week, and the large national driving schools which offered driving lessons at higher rates, so we aimed to offer high calibre professional driving tuition at a reasonable price, but still keep the personal one to one approach with our pupils throughout their driving experience.

To achieve this goal we realised our strength lay mainly with the quality of the driving instructor, so right from the beginning we set out to recruit only the highest quality driving instructors, who not only excelled in their ability to teach people to drive, but they also needed to have a proven track record of getting their pupils through their driving test, the vast majority being the first time. We also looked for patients; Access Driving Tuition has not only the best driving instructors, but also the most patient ones in the area. We believe a smart, and tidy appearance is important, and last but not least we looked for those driving instructors who have very high communication skills, driving instructors who are able to put the message across without complicated jargon.

We aimed to give top quality driving tuition, this we have achieved as throughout the years our reputation has grown, and we can now offer local driving instructors in Hinckley, Leicester, Loughborough, Coalville, Nuneaton, Lutterworth, and Leicestershire.

Even as we have grown we have maintained a very high standard. We only have quality driving instructors, and they are all local to the area's in which they give driving lessons.

The tuition vehicle you will use for your driving lessons will always be of the highest specification. All our driving school cars are fitted with dual controls for your safety. The driving school cars also include power steering, abs, air con, fully adjustable seat, and fully adjustable steering wheel. These added extra's not only make your driving lessons more enjoyable, and comfortable but will in fact help increase the chance of you passing your driving test first time.

To some people find having driving lessons is quite easy, where as others can be very nervous just at the thought of booking a driving lesson. So we employ highly trained staff to answer the telephones, nothing is more off putting once you get the confidence to call a driving school to talk about driving lessons, is to either get an answer machine, or the person you speak to is actually out teaching a pupil on their driving lessons. We feel beginning driving lessons is a very important decisions, and we want you to be able to speak to someone about your driving lessons, and to get the information you require without feeling pressurised into having to book a driving lessons. Our staff are always there to help with what ever question you have, whether you're enquiring about driving lessons, or are already having driving lessons with us.


So why book a driving lesson with Access Driving Tuition?

Because we offer you:


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