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Why should I become an advance driver?

You, your family, and other road users will benefit from
the safety aspect of you being an advanced driver.

Other Benefits

Adavanced LessonsAdvanced Access

The two main organisations offering advanced driving tests, are The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), both plan their driving techniques on a book entitled "Roadcraft" this is also the book with which our highly qualified motorway police adopt.

Access Driving Tuition advance driving instructors

All have passed the:

Access Advanced Driving Instructor Trainers (AADIT) can give you useful training in preparation for one of the tests. Access advanced instructors are fully qualified driving instructors, and will have passed the advanced driving tests to the highest level.

The Tests

Your examiner will be a current, or ex advanced police driver who will have been trained to the highest available standard in the country. The test is conducted in a professional manner, but a very friendly approach is taken by the examiners who will put you at ease in no time.

On the I.A.M advanced driving test there is just one pass standard. You receive verbal feedback at the end of the test. If you continue your annual subscription you retain your official status indefinitely. The RoSPA advanced driving test is graded Gold, Silver, or Bronze standard, or Ungraded. You receive verbal feedback at the end of your test, and a written report subsequently. To retain your official status you have to take retests at intervals - after 3 years if you pass at Gold, or Silver and after 1 year if you pass at Bronze. There is an annual membership subscription to both organisations.

Both I.A.M advanced driving test, and RoSPA advanced driving test are of similar format, a 90 minute drive on a variety of town, and country roads and, where possible, a motorway section. Before starting, you will be asked to run through a vehicle safety check. Shortly after moving away, you will need to test the brakes. Your driving should be smooth, safe, progressive, controlled, efficient, and sympathetic of the car. Your manner should be calm and courteous. You will need to demonstrate good awareness, anticipation, and concentration throughout the drive. You will be asked to perform some slow manoeuvres, and to answer some questions relating to the highway code, and vehicle maintenance. During your drive you will be given the option of delivering a commentary, which could enhance the result, or the grade. At the end of the test, you will be given your result, and receive feedback about the drive.

After passing either the I.A.M advanced driving test, or the RoSPA advanced driving test you can then enjoy the benefits of membership, depending on which organisation you took your test with. Personally I would take both tests.

Above all enjoy your advanced driving training and test, be proud of your driving.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

The I.A.M is a wholly independent, non profit-making organisation with the aims of improving driving standards, promoting road safety, and providing an advanced driving test.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Advanced Drivers Association (RoSPA)

RoSPA's objective is the reduction of road accidents by encouraging interest in road safety, and by improving driving standards, knowledge and skill.

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