The Pass Plus scheme

If you have just passed your driving test within the last year, then this scheme is for you.

Pass plus can be taken up to a year after you have passed your practical driving test. There is no further test to take, however a minimum of 6 hours with a qualified pass plus driving instructor is required. Then you will receive a certificate from the Driving Standards Agency.

Pass plus is a training course specifically aimed at new drivers. Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of passing their driving test due to a lack of driving experience - this is where pass plus comes in! The course aims to build upon your newly acquired driving skills and knowledge.

This latest initiative was introduced by the Government to help reduce the number of car accidents, and deaths on UK roads involving young drivers, and ordinary road users. Designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) the scheme delivers training, and tuition on the following aspects of driving:

Town driving

This is where we teach you to drive even more competently in a town, and city environment. City driving can be quite daunting; we will help build your confidence, so you can drive competently.

All weather driving

Being caught out in bad weather can be a nightmare for anyone, both theory and practical advice you will receive will be invaluable.

Out of town driving

Urban driving, or country lanes are one of the accident hot spots, we will teach you how to anticipate, and look out for hidden dangers.

Night driving

Driving at night for the first time on your own can be quite scary, especially in unfamiliar surroundings, but going out at night with a qualified pass plus instructor should help to alleviate the pressures.

Dual carriageway driving

High speeds and fast roads, you will have possibly already been instructed on dual carriageways, but more won't hurt.

Motorway driving

The safest roads in the country, until something goes wrong. We will teach you how to anticipate potential hazards, minimise the possibility of an accident, and most importantly what to do if things go wrong.

One of the major incentives, and benefits associated with pass plus is the opportunity to make savings on your car insurance. There are excellent discounts for motorists who have successfully completed the pass plus course are available from leading insurers:


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Your pass plus certificate will entitle you, from the majority of insurance companies, up to 30% discount off your initial premium you could also receive discount if you are added on your parents, or partners car insurance. What's more, taking pass plus just might save your life.



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